Elegant Snakes


Elegant Snakes Free Screensaver  v.2.0.1

Install this screensaver and see the beautiful images of elegant snakes. These creatures are dangerous and beautiful at the same time. They are masters of camouflage and their skin always has color and patterns that helps snakes to hide.

1888 Ladders & Snakes Board Game  v.1.0

1888 Ladders & Snakes Board Game is a downloadable version of a traditional board game created in ancient India.


Elegant Ribbon  v.4 2

Elegant Ribbon is a suite of Windows Forms controls that allows you quickly and easily provide your application with a ribbon user interface like in Microsoft Office 2010/2007. It is written in 100% managed C# and is CLS compliant.

Snakes, Trains and Bees  v.1 3

Enjoy playing Snakes, Trains and Bees or switch in the Spelling Bee option to also make it a great learning aid. Includes four Snakes and Ladders and two car variations plus train, horse, sleigh and miner games.

Elegant Elephants Screen Saver

Elegant Elephants Screen Saver featuring over 20 high resolution images of these intelligent creatures.

Elegant Grid  v.4 2

The Elegant Grid is a set of feature-rich and extensible .NET components designed to help developers easily create the presentation layer of table and hierarchical data for professional Windows Forms applications.

Elegant Logos f. Company Logo Designer  v.1 1

Simply design your new companylogo yourself! You can, and it's easy! This free logo pack (yes, FREE as in NO MONEY INVOLVED) contains 25 ready-to-go-templates for amazing new Elegant Logos.

Plain Elegant  v.1.0

Plain Elegant is a small icon collection to change the look of your files or folders, give an elegant look to your files and folders. The set contains 24 well crafted icons, at a high pixel rate (256x256),

Snakes in America Part 2  v.

This app describes the snakes in american

Snakes in Africa Part 1  v.

This app describes the snakes in african

Snakes in Amercia  v.

This is an informative application giving information about the various snakes found in the American

Snakes in Africa Part 2  v.

This application gives description about various snakes in

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